Thursday, March 31, 2011


I remember the first time Kevin and I went on a lunch date after his LVAD implant. It was at this local panini restaurant which was jam packed with people. The kind of place where the tables are on top of each other. The kind of place where your conversation is heard by the diners on either side of you. Anyway, this was when Kevin still wore a splint on his left arm & had to carry around the wound vac as well. The hostess seats us, we sit down, and yes, people were looking. Like really looking. It kind of agitated me a the point where I wanted to tell the other diners to take a picture so it'll last longer.  After we ordered I asked if it bothered him that people were staring? His reply was "Not at all, people usually stare at a gorgeous couple having lunch together...and well, we're a pretty hot couple dear." I agreed. The staring stopped bothering me & I enjoyed my lunch date with the hottest guy in the restaurant. 

I took this pic of him at the restaurant during lunch.... I heart him lotz. 


  1. Tracy I just read the whole blog after seeing that Kevin put it up on FB. I have to say great job because it brought to tears to my eyes and that's not easy. You know I don't cry (only when I watch romantic films, yeah right!)You know we love you guys and we pray for you every day.

  2. i knew it was you.... i know a pennylicker when i see one. :-)

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