Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In honor of....

Today was not the usual Wednesday Kevin and I experience on a weekly basis... and by usual I mean mad dash of sorts starting with preschool drop off then racing in & out of traffic from waiting room to waiting room to finally end up at VAD clinic then back home again, pick up the boys, dinner, play time, bath time, bed get the idea. Our day was all of this but there was something special in the middle that I'd like to share.......

Just before VAD clinic we met with the Director of Child Services at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. We were giving her about 75+ books (the picture  you see to the right is only half of the books) that we were donating to the children's ward at the hospital. Clearly there is a story behind this...

So, Kevin's first tour at Cedars was, as you all know, 49 days too long. When we were allowed & had clearance (ok maybe I snuck them past security a couple of times), I would bring the boys to the hospital about once or twice a week to visit Daddy. Cedars Sinai was no longer known in my house as the hospital but known as "Daddy's place."

During one visit with Daddy on plaza level there was a child in a wagon being wheeled past us by her mother and a nurse pushing the IV. The child appeared no older than my boys. On the way home my boys questioned me about this child. "Why was she there mommy?" "Why did she have a tube thing like Daddy?" (tube thing in toddler language = IV) "Mommy, does she have toys to play with?" "Mommy does she have books to read?" "Mommy, does she know about Star Wars?" Yes, my children are like their father in that Star Wars totally freaking rules. As any good mother would reply I told them that I was certain they had toys to play with and books to read. Well when we got home that night, this conversation didn't sit well with me and I had an idea.

Birthday parties... TWIN birthday parties... it's like you have to totally outdo what you did the prior year, right? Ours were turning FOUR in a couple of months and so I had the brilliant idea of putting this message on their birthday party invite: In lieu of gifts, we're asking that each child bring one new book to be donated to the children's ward at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. All the books will be donated in honor of the doctors & nurses that saved the life of Kaeden & Quinton's Daddy.

I explained to my boys what we were doing... and honestly, they were fine with it. They were already getting an overload of presents from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and forever friends of the family... and this was awesome that our boys were excited about Mommy's idea!!!

Birthday party came. It was Star Wars themed for those that care. Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, & Boba Fet were there. Ask any kid that was was pretty freaking cool. We were in awe of the amount of books we received to donate. My boys were in awe.

Today, we donated those books and each book has a sticker on the inside saying who it was donated in honor of....

Even though I have hugged and thanked these people at least a hundred or so times... I would like to personally thank the team of doctors that saved Kevin's life. I would like to thank the nurses that not only took care of Kevin but took care of me in the process. I would like to thank what I have nicknamed them  the "SUPER VAD LADIES"... who continue to take care of us both on a daily all totally freaking ROCK!

In closing this blog post, I'd like to remind each & every one of you that life is indeed too short...enjoy every moment, laugh when you can, cry when you want, and most of all LOVE. I love you Kevin and there isn't any freaking thing I wouldn't do for you...MUH!


  1. anything? can you come get me another cream soda? =) I love you dear!

  2. you're kidding me, right? for anyone reading this...we are one room apart at the moment. LOL... but yes, i would totally get you another cream soda! LOVER!!!

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