Monday, March 28, 2011

First power outage

All that education they give you in the hospital before you go was kind of overwhelming.

It seemed as if every day I was learning something new about the LVAD, switching out system controllers, emergency back ups, what to have on you at all times, sterile dressing changes, what this alarm means, what that alarm means. I swear that it felt like my brain was at full capacity and most days the information was going in one ear & out the other. Reading about the LVAD, watching the DVD about it, practicing in the hospital, always check your battery life.... literally felt as if I was being "graded" every time I walked into the hospital.

So the other morning the kids wake up & are playing nicely. We decide to lay in bed a bit longer. No harm, right? All of a sudden out of nowhere the PBU starts beeping & I look over to see the light change colors... sure enough the power went out.  Sprang out of bed, grabbed the battery clips, put batteries in, Kevin changed the black, then the white....SUCCESS! Switched over to battery quickly & efficiently all the while the damn PBU alarm is going off. So proud of Kevin and I for working as a team....I was about the grab my iphone to dial the power company then the VAD coordinator to notify them that we had no power when the power comes back on. I think the power was out for maybe all of three minutes.

With all that education, I actually did remember the alarm. No one panicked. Even better, we acted in an efficient manner, it really is all about teamwork.

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