Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day...

This Father's Day is absolutely special for me. I get to celebrate my husband, who in my opinion, is the best dad ever to our little twin monkeys. Sure I'm biased but he really is.

When our twins were born, hell, even before our twins were born, he stepped up to the plate. I was on bed rest at 19 weeks due to pre-term labor. Our boys were born just 10 days shy of my due date thanks to Kevin being my caregiver. After they born he was my biggest fan, for sure. Up in the middle of the night with me. Changing just as many diapers as me. Sleep training. Stopped in the middle of his work day more than a dozen times to save me from a triple crying crisis.... the boys & me. He always has time for his boys. Even away on business trips he had time for a phone call or video chat. Playing music with them. The New York Yankees.  Introducing Star Wars (episodes 1,2, & 3 ruin it, right?). Enough said.

Almost four years goes by and heart failure happened. Insert LVAD here. It shook their world...our world.  Our boys would go to sleep at night with his pillow, his tshirts (the star wars one mommy), his jacket...just to smell him. It was indeed heartbreaking because at one point the three of us were in "mommy & daddy's bed" all sleeping together, each with something of daddy's close to our hearts. Kevin IS the glue that keeps this little family of four together. He has all three of our hearts...if only our love could repair his heart...

Remember I said I was biased? You're about to agree with me. After discharge from the hospital in November...we began our new life at home, living with an LVAD. We were determined to make it work, determined to see past the LVAD... determined to keep his spirits up so that he wouldn't give up because we NEVER gave up on him (and we never will). Kevin pushed through all the emotions...we all did... the kinks... the cranks... the ups & downs of our new LVAD ride.....and even though he is living with an LVAD, he is still & will always be the best father ever. He helps out with our boys every day. You try reading two books at bedtime & laying down on a toddler bed with an's not easy for me but he does it with an LVAD. Or how about putting together two big wheels on Christmas Eve with an LVAD & one arm connected to a wound vac. No matter how tired, no matter what is between him and our boys... he ALWAYS finds the time, because he is that amazing folks.

Kevin, I can't say enough about how wonderful of a father I think you are. There are so many good qualities about you but the one that shines the most is your love for your children.... you are an absolute fantastic father, more than I ever dreamed of. Our boys look up to you like no other. They need you. I need you. Thank you for fighting through the tough times.... thank you for not giving up. We just have one more hurdle to jump and we're ready to jump it with you....ready to carry you if need be....the three of us are here for you and we always will be.

So I'm just going to put this next phrase out into the universe, OK? Let's get this new heart and be on our merry way, huh?

Happy Father's Day lover....we wouldn't have it any other way......may the force be with you....

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