Friday, April 8, 2011


A strong static discharge can cause the LVAD to stop.

I don't like this. I'm sure you don't like this either.

No vacuuming for Kevin. No pumping his own gas. Steer clear of the dryer too. He always has to wear shoes/sneakers with rubber soles on them to help prevent static. No cleaning tv or computer screens for him either.

Ok so here's where I get to vent for the day. All of these "can't do's" just means more on my already long list of things to do. That's right. I'm complaining even though I know there are others out there in the world dealing with worse....oh right, one of those others is my husband. (LOL did I just refer to my husband as one of the "others?" I guess you'd only laugh if you were a fan of the tv show LOST.)

I actually used to like vacuuming. Not anymore. I loathe this household chore. Loathe it because when I'm done I've got to spray static guard over all the carpets in the house. Open up all the doors & windows to get that static guard smell out of the house. Spray static guard on our sofa.

We have two cars. I have to put gas in both of them all the time now. I hate pumping gas... just hate it.

I'm big on taking my shoes off when you enter my house... taking my shoes off at other people's houses... I'd prefer whatever I walked on during the day didn't get trampled all over my house or on top of my ottomans.

Clean tv/computer screens? Did I ever do this? NO, but now I guess I have to......

Hey Kev, I'm leaving for work right now....there's a load of wash in the washing machine. When it's done can you put it in the dryer? Nope.

We recently went to a birthday party at one of those indoor playground places. One of those places where everyone has to take their shoes off at the door. All the kids & adults have to wear socks. So, Kevin was contemplating not going because of the whole "wearing shoes" aspect. He came with us. When we explained at the front desk why Kevin couldn't take his shoes off...the guy behind the counter clearly looked confused (how many people really know about LVAD's?) & told us we could buy those little booties for $ know, the kind that doctors & nurses wear in the operating room. With a little persuading and look of sympathy on my face, he didn't charge us the $2...just gave us the booties.

That's all I got for today folks. Going to make coffee now because I'm exhausted.

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