Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are six weeks post transplant. Kevin is doing fantastic. Right where he should be. No rejection. No infection. My last blog entry was almost three weeks ago. I'm still floating on that cloud of excitement....still riding that high....enjoying each moment of normalcy that comes our way no matter how big, no matter how small. I've earned it and so have the three loves of my life. Post transplant blogging to follow. For now, this picture....

This picture here is a powerful one for me. It was taken by my friend Claire on the night Kevin received his new heart. All the hands are wearing "donate life" bracelets. All the hands belong to my dear friends, my twin mom friends. All of these wonderful women were with me in the hospital. My other twin mom friends were with our boys.

Every time I stare at this picture I absolutely start to tear up. It embodies all of what my little family of four has been through these past 9+ months. It represents the hope, the love, and the unity that carried us through.

Today, I met up with a few of these twin mom friends, kids included, at a local park. Had a great time. Lots of laughing, giggling, eating, talking, yelling, crying because someone was throwing sand or someone was not sharing....you know, normal toddler playdates. All in good fun. As I was leaving I realized this was the first playdate in a long time where there was no immediate crisis looming over me or my family. No real rush to get anywhere. I reflected on the days where I really tried to have a good time but couldn't because I was so worried about Kevin or needed to pick up medication, or just needed to be in ten places at the same time. Not today. It's as if someone has pressed play on my life again. As if we were put on pause. And then when it really was just the four of us again, someone pressed play.

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