Thursday, May 19, 2011

Medical records have arrived..

Back in April I blogged about those 264 hours that Kevin is missing from his life. The hours that he lost when his heart failure struck. We had requested his medical records from those days specifically as well as the operative reports, pathology reports, nurses reports, doctors reports..... you get the idea. 

The medical records have finally arrived. They arrived about a week ago. There are so many pages that if I were to knock someone over the head with them, they'd probably get a concussion. 

Kevin hasn't read them yet. 

I have.

No, I'm not going to share the actual details of my husband's medical records but I will share my view. 

It's like torture really. Reading his medical records brings back all the bad memories. Reading them brings back all of the actual conversations that I had with every single doctor...all of those conversations were documented. His day of admittance I got about to the sixth doctor report/original assessment and had to stop reading. It was the exact same thing over & over again but since each doctor has their own specialty it would highlight what was so very wrong with him. 

I read about the actual amount of blood loss during both open heart surgeries. How much blood he actually needed. I remember being told but I must've tucked that away like you do with summer clothes when autumn arrives. Then recently having it re-opened and now to the forefront of my mind once again. 

Every verbal consent is in there. Every written consent is in there. 

There is one consistent line in every nurses report & doctors report: "wife is bedside, supportive, and healthy." You are damn straight I'm supportive and healthy. And you can bet I will ALWAYS be by his side no matter what hurdle presents itself. So bring it .... cause we are. 

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